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This is it...?

The "Big Finale" was actually a big, fat disappointment. Kirbopher has never been a source of originality. But come on... that's it? Penis-Jokes? Giant genitalia? How could someone use so many unnecessary sexual innuendos, outdated memes and references to stretch an animation up to 17 minutes?

This reminds me of the end of Street Fighter Chode, when the Rookie says "Okay, this is kinda gay... you've been watching this movie for like 15 minutes... this is how you're spending your day! Congratulations!"

Oh, boy! This is how I felt with this one. I've spent 17 Minutes watching this and at the end I was all like: "Hell, you actually watched the whole movie and couldn't even chuckle about the jokes out of embarrassment, dude!" And why? Because they were just flat and unimaginative.

I would wish people would stop immortalize such flash movies because the were made from minor internet celebrities. Give this movie a sincere review. How can you hope that the people can learn something out of their products when just everyone bows down and says that it has been a Masterpiece?

Here ya go...

Excellent animation. You really are getting better by time. And this parody had an awesome script, amazing voice actors and was great how everyone was depicted. Clichés were used in a hilarious manner. Whoever thinks that Egoraptor is the master of random jokes ( which he isn't ) still has to witness this great movie.

Thanks for sharing this Chris!

Yell, yell, yell...

Sorry, Ego...

I was once a loyal fan of yours, but this has become a farce. Every work of yours has almost become a "copy&paste" product. Yelling, screaming and swearing seems the only thing to work for you. Sadly enough it rewards you with money and undeserved attention. There wasn't a single moment in which I could laugh. But hell, who needs people like me? As long you can make a buck out of it, just do it.

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Frustratingly unfair...

Even though I should take it into consideration that you finished this project in a mere three days I just can't help it but to be the unpopular nagger.

The controls are just bad. There shouldn't be the question "if" I want to pick up single items like tools. When I click these items he should just pick them up. The same ad in breaking rocks. If I only have one choice don't force me to click a second time to approve my actions. It hurts because of the time you just don't have for clicking a few times. Shortcut buttons would have helped. Also that I have to constantly click to make my guy move is just plain annoying at this day and age.

While I do like the idea of survival games this game just hits rock bottom. While you force the player to take fast an accurate decisions you don't support the him at all. It's like giving the player all the tools he wants only to flip the finger at him while screaming: "You've got to play the game the way I want!"

There is basically "no" room for mistakes. The game is punishing and unforgiving. It pretends it gives me a lot choices but hinders me at any given situation and moment. That's just bad game design.

Oh, and just in case someone sees himself in the need of being apologetic: I played games like Demons Souls and while this game wants to see me dead, it never felt unfair and so frustratingly restrictive.

Good. Nothing outstanding here. Nice music and funny dialog, even though clichéd. The constant nagging of my little survivor just annoyed the hell out of me.

Nothing new here. Lovable and funny. Even though I would have preferred less dicks on the screen.

Gah! Do you know...

... what you have done? I am playing this game for days now! Is perfect mix of suplicity and complex gem - combinations this game made me a GemCraft - Zombie! Well done, sir. Although I miss some backround music. Thats why I give you a 9/10 and a 5/5!


Usually there kind of games are just horrible. Maybe I like this one only because of the pretty hot teacher, but it was fun, short and worthwhile. So anyone who looks after a decent short Hentai - Game should be kind of satisfied with this game here.

5/5 because I want to honor good work on games like this
8/10 because more options/freedom in this game would have been more appealing.

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Wait... I liked it?

Although very odd, I did like this track. Usually this kind of music isn't my favourite genre, but I have to say I liked the track from the first minute... although I was a bit disappointed at one point. Around 2:43 it suddenly stopped at an amazing moment... it was a ( minor) let-down. Nonetheless it was a very good track. You gave me a nice inspiration for my upcoming projects. Keep it coming!

Jebbal responds:

You liked it? How unusual! haha Yes I agree this song could have been structured better, but whatever. No biggy! I'm glad it served as inspiration to you - Good luck on your future projects!

Thanks for the review!

Well done!

That's a great one. I always loved the music in YS and this one was well performed. I recognized this one and still it felt all fresh and new. You make me envy your skills =)

Well, someday...

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks man. It's hard to do YS justice as it has an amazing sound track. Hey, if you work at it you can get to this level. It's not THAT hard ;). Thanks for the review.

Quick and dirty...

... this Boss Battle is a slugfest! We are all gonna die! *laughs* Nah, I should cut off this silliness. Nemesis, thank you again for this submission as well as for the others. My friends and coworkers were already impressed by your other submissions. Dang, I could write all day, but I don't want to bore anyone here =)

10/10 and 5/5 for the chorus in the backround, strong guitar... it's great. Truly great.
You got some fans in germany =)

NemesisTheory responds:

Awesome, lol! It's nice to hear people like it, especially when listened to in an office space lol XD

Thank you for the scores and review! :)

Also, ich liebe deutschland auch <3

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